Business Continuity Planning

Continuity planning is increasingly seen as an essential requirement in today’s environment. The ability to maintain continued access to applications and data in the event of a hard drive crash, virus, service outage or disaster is vital.

Best Practices

Relying 100% on traditional data backup and restore will not assure complete recovery to normal operations. Data protection is a critical base component, but business continuity plans must include system-wide contingencies to ensure complete disaster recovery.

For true business continuity, plans must include:

  • Local and offsite backup policies for user data, applications, databases and operating systems
  • Bare metal backup and hardware independent recovery
  • Ability to access applications and data in a virtual environment
  • Monitoring and diagnostics for proper backup and recovery operations

ABS Enterprise

A complete business continuity solution engineered for growing organizations. ABS Enterprise is a data protection and disaster recovery solution for Windows servers and workstations. ABS ensures that our partners provide their customers with complete protection of their valuable data and the ability for organizations to quickly recover in the event of a system failure or other outage.

System image backups are replicated to an onsite ABS Continuity Appliance and made available for immediate recovery. A second copy is sent to the ABS DR Infrastructure for maximum security. ABS datacenter staff monitor and maintain offsite systems and assist partners with DR situations.

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