ABS Colocation Services

ABS colocation services can solve your IT infrastructure problems. No server room to allocate, manage and keep cool. No special power needs to worry about, no staff to hire. Just locate your equipment in our secure data center and sleep well at night.

ABS colocation offers your business a place to house your servers at a reasonable cost without any of the headaches. No worries about connectivity or access. Physical and data security are handled, as are all environmental and electrical needs.

Every operational aspect of our datacenter is redundant: Internet connections, routing and switching, power generation and UPS systems. We provide FM200 fire suppression and are located on the third floor of one of the strongest buildings on the North Shore of Massachusetts (a 110 year-old, steel-reinforced concrete facility formerly used for industrial manufacturing).

Key Features

  • Redundant Cummins Natural Gas powered generators
  • Redundant APC Symmetra UPS systems
  • Redundant BGP powered network
  • 24-hour monitoring of all systems
  • Redundant N+2 cooling
  • FM200 fire suppression

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